Tasting Room

We invite you to visit our tasting room to sample our wines, purchase wine by the bottle, enjoy a glass on our covered pavilion overlooking the vineyards and ponds, or browse in our gift shop; standard tasting room hours are:

Saturday:  Open Until 5:00 (Appointments not needed except for groups larger than six)

Weekdays (Tastings done late afternoon by appointment only)

Bottle Sales to Go Available Daily

We offer a tasting of up to five wines of your choice. For groups of seven or more, please call (936) 825-3669 for availability.


We are sorry but due to changes brought about by COVID-19, we are not currently able to welcome outside pets at the winery. We will let you know as soon as this change is no longer necessary.

Please understand that we love animals of all types, yours as well as ours.   But for the safety and comfort of all guests, we ask for your cooperation following these guidelines while visiting Peach Creek.

Because we have dogs which are sometimes allowed to mingle with guests, if you plan to bring your dog with you, a courtesy call before arriving would be very much appreciated.  That way, we can ensure that our dogs are enjoying time in their two-acre fenced yard before you and your pet arrive.   While our dogs are super friendly, you never know how any animal will react when another one is brought into their ‘space’ without being introduced slowly and properly.  We do ask that all dogs be on a leash while on the property, and not allowed to chase the many birds and other wildlife that love to fly and/or run around here.

If your pet has been ill within the previous month, we respectfully ask that you not bring them to visit.  Our vet has advised us that dogs can still be a carrier of illnesses even when they no longer show symptoms.  One of our dogs contracted a viral infection from a visiting dog that did not appear sick, and she became quite ill from it.  So as a precaution, please wait an appropriate time before bringing your dogs out if they have been sick.

Due to health department regulations, Service Dogs are the only ones allowed inside the tasting room (our dogs cannot go in there either).

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you soon!